Healthy Eating Tips – Number 3

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips – Ever heard someone talking about complex carbohydrates and not had a clue what they are talking about? Well here is my rundown on exactly what they are and what they do?

Let’s get the science bit out the way first so complex carbs are sugar molecules that are strung together in long complex chains.

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So that’s the science part done and out the way so now on to what actually matter! what do complex carbs mean to people on a fitness regime? Are they good or are they bad? Should I eat them or should I avoid them? Help me!

So put simply complex carbs are in general are all good! That concludes he healthy eating tips for the week!…OK, maybe not I will continue on.

Some examples of complex carbs include rice, carrots and whole wheat bread there is an old myth that to lose weight you should avoid carbs at all costs and some diets preach this for example the Keto Diet. If you are looking for a more comprehensive rundown on the Keto Diet check out this site it is fantastic and will give you everything you need. But this is not necessary correct, carbs should not be avoided providing you choose to eat the right carbs.

So why are complex carbs so good in weight loss programs? Well simply putt complex carbs are made up of three components fiber, starch and sugar (Agh sugar evil!). The fiber in complex carbs ensure you stay fuller for longer which is great for weight loss as it subdues the hunger pains and the brains triggers to eat again as the stomach is sending messages that it is full. Complex carbs are fantastic for those with Type 2 diabetes as well as they will often aid in the post meal sugar spikes. Complex carbs also promote bowel movements and complex carbs also help to control cholesterol. Complex carbs are essential for maintaining your weight long terms and despite what people say they should not be avoided.

In terms of what complex carbs to eat this list pretty much covers it:

  1. Grains – Rich in potassiummagnesium, and selenium always choose wholegrain like Quinoa, buckwheat or whole wheat past.
  2. Fiber Rich Fruits – The likes of apples, berries and banana (does anyone else now say this in a minions voice all the time) avoid canned fruits as they will often contain sugary syrups as well.
  3. Fiber Rich Vegetables – You cannot really go wrong with any vegetables really as they all tend to be good complex carbs any leafy greens, broccoli and carrots.
  4. Beans (not Heinz’s)  – Not something you see a lot of in Western cooking but have pride of place in Mediterranean diets. Beans contain a good sources of folate, iron, and potassium.

It takes time getting to grip with complex carbs but once you do you will find maintaining your weight a lot easier and quite frankly more enjoyable. This is probably one of the easiest healthy eating tips of the week but don’t get to excited and read on.

As the way of the world with all good there has to be a bad as well. So let me introduce you to simple carbs. What are these I hear you say?

In a nutshell (As side note nuts also great complex carbs) simple carbs are essentially just sugar and you will find them in the likes of soda, cereals and a lot of apparent “diet” products. Simple carbs are broken down by the body very quickly to provide energy which is often the temporary high you feel after eating them and then the dire low once your blood sugar starts to drop again! Which is why people why diabetes need to monitor there intake of these kinds of foods closely. They other issue with simple carbs is they tend not to contain any of the minerals, vitamins and minerals  you get from complex carbs. Essentially anything that looks like it came out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is probably full of simple carbs and will not aid in maintaining or losing any weight.

Without  going into to much more detail that is all it comes down to try and avoid simple carbs and feel free to go crazy with all the complex carbs you can manage. Hopefully this healthy eating tips for the month has been helpful.

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