Healthy Eating Tips – Number 2


I recently started working with a client who is pre-diabetic, for those of you who had never heard of pre-diabetic after some frantic googling I was able to find out what it is.  Essentially as the name suggests it is someone who is a pre-diagnosis of diabetes aka it is a warning sign that your blood glucose levels are higher than normal. Little did I know this would introduce me to next diet obsession introducing the Keto Diet.

I could clearly see that this was a worry for the client and allow they were not paying me to provide any nutrition advice I wanted to do something for this client to help them out.  During my research, I came across something called the Ketogenic Diet or simply Keto Diet.

What is this diet I hear you asking? well, essentially it is a diet that switches what your body uses for fuel. In today’s modern society with the easy access to the like of bread, pasta and rice we have become reliant on carbs for our energy sources for our body as they break down into glucose and insulin. Which means that the body then stores any fat absorbed instead of using it as energy. By lowering your intake of carbs your body enters ketosis.

Ketosis is a state that our body goes into when food intake is low, in this state the body will produce ketones which will be used to break down the fats in the liver for energy.

I can hear your screams if you try to take my carbs from me I will destroy you? but wait till you hear what you get to eat on the Keto diet. On the Keto diet, your focus is on healthy fats that means you can eat as much cheese, cream and butter as you want! As well being able to eat as much protein as you can which includes steak, chicken and venison.  On the Keto diet, you are encouraged to eat as many leafy greens as you can the likes of which include kale, spinach and rocket. In essence, you need to avoid anything that could be broken down into glucose or insulin taking you out of Ketosis. All of this makes the Keto diet very easy to maintain and I have spoken to a number of people who are permanently on it even when not trying to lose weight.

Just as note on how easy it is to maintain  my travel down the keto diet rabbit hole I discovered many Keto diet subscription boxes  and I even went as far as to order one and let me tell you they are fantastic the Know Foods Double Chocolate chips cookies and the KZ Clean Eating Chocolate Hazelnut spread a match made in even.  I have honestly never tried a diet that is so easy to maintain and to be honest it was enjoyable to be on. As a side note if you want help starting and maintaining the keto diet send me an email or fill out our contact form on the homepage.

The Keto diet is known to help aid weight loss, improve mental focus and this is where it started to hit me close to home as it was perfect for my client. It can help to reduce insulin to a healthy level and stop the onset of diabetes.

Armed with this information on the Keto Diet I immediately order numerous Keto Diet recipe books and formulated a month’s worth of meals plans for my client with a minutes hesitation partly cause I saw the benefits for myself and also I knew this would have a huge impact for my client.

To say my client was a bit taken back by what I had done for him was a bit of an understatement there may have been a few tears from both of us (mainly from me as I had discovered a diet that allows me to eat all the butter and steak I want). Despite using my own money for the books and ingredients for the meals for the client I did not charge them as personally, you cant put a price on changing peoples lives.



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