let’s face it we all like getting something for cheaper than normal. With each person, you add to the group the price reduces.  I limit the group sessions at  6 as ensuring I am delivering the correct quality is far more important to me. I have a minimum requirement of two people to run a group session and if more people are added the price reduces.

There is nothing better than having a gym buddy that one person you can turn to in your time of need or let’s face it that person you want to be better than.  Some friendly competition never hurt anyone and some accountability is great for motivation. Which is what you get from my group personal trianer sessions

For a free introductory 30 minute group PT session. Email: darren@focusmpt.com or Telephone: 07875664336

Personal Trainer Edinburgh
As one of my core beliefs is to create a fitness community of liked minded people so I offer an incentive for people to continue to attend the fitness classes every 10th class is completely free and every 20th fitness class you attend entitles you to 30 minutes free personal training based on the area of health or fitness you want.

How does that work? So when you hit 10 classes you get a free class when you hit 20 classes you get 30 minutes free personal training. When you hit 30 classes free session when you get 40 sessions you get another 30 minutes of free personal training and on that continues for as long as you want.