Dont be a habit rabbit!

Weight Loss Specialist

Don’t be a habit rabbit!

This is a small article to highlight some of the habits I hear from a lot of my clients. Break these habits so you don’t get caught in the headlights of the incoming HGV of failed weight loss. Don’t be a habit rabbit!

Habit 1:

Do you know that our ancestors on average spent around 10 – 14 hours a day carrying out hard labor (which included running from deadly animals, fighting and defending their wooden huts and search for food aka prehistoric meal prep) which is why weight loss was not an issue to them but nowadays we consider a couple of half-assed gyms sessions enough to keep our weight off and stay healthy. So, by attending a fitness class regularly it simply increases the amount of time you are active throughout the day that will aid in weight loss. As a Weight Loss Specialist, I cannot express how important this is as a bonus it will also help you find your tribe of like-minded people that will be in a similar situation to you which will give you a sense of belonging and accountability. If you want a quick 15-minute routine that can be done anywhere for free email me.

Habit 2:

I hear moms all the time saying they buy the cheap process foods in the shape of an animal for the kids! Let’s not fool each other when you buy that rubbish not only are you teaching your children bad lessons but you also end up eating that stuff yourself. As a simple rule to follow if you can’t find it can’t be grown or it is not found naturally stay away from it. You don’t see sausage rolls growing on trees (Well I do sometimes in my dreams). If you want to achieve that weight loss goal stops fueling yourself with processed and quite frankly disgusting food and increase your intake of natural healthy ingredients.

Habit 3:

This is the easiest one of all everyone does it and it comes naturally to us all…sleep more. Don’t get me wrong I know modern life is busy and it is only getting busier everyday which often eats into people rest time. But it often comes down to poor planning! Beyonce only has 24 hours in a day as well but I bet she plans her day to the millisecond to ensure she is getting the rest she needs! Now before the hate mail floods in yeah, you are right, she is a multi-millionaire with a husband that is not short of money as well and a team of minions to help her through her day. But the point is with proper planning you too can ensure you are getting enough rest. Here is a link to the day in the life of Beyonce as evidence.

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