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Dont be a habit rabbit!

Don’t be a habit rabbit! This is a small article to highlight some of the habits I hear from a lot of my clients. Break these habits so you don’t get caught in the headlights of the incoming HGV of failed weight loss. Don’t be a habit rabbit! Habit 1: Do you know that our…

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips – Number 3

Healthy Eating Tips – Ever heard someone talking about complex carbohydrates and not had a clue what they are talking about? Well here is my rundown on exactly what they are and what they do? Let’s get the science bit out the way first so complex carbs are sugar molecules that are strung together in…


Healthy Eating Tips – Number 2

I recently started working with a client who is pre-diabetic, for those of you who had never heard of pre-diabetic after some frantic googling I was able to find out what it is.  Essentially as the name suggests it is someone who is a pre-diagnosis of diabetes aka it is a warning sign that your…