Boxing is one of the best fitness classes in Edinburgh for over 50’s

Fitness Classes in Edinburgh

The days of boxing being seen as a thuggish barbaric sport for aggressive men are over, but boxing for fitness is not about competition and is none contact (Apart from gloves to pads of course) and it is one the greatest cardio gifts you give yourself. Here let me explain why I personally feel it is one of the best fitness classes in Edinburgh for over 50’s if you don’t believe me then read on I will have you buying or borrowing a pair of boxing gloves and googling fitness class in Edinburgh in no time.

Fitness classes in Edinburgh

So why is boxing so good for other 50’s well it had a number of similarities to dance. Think I am crazy well let me explain. Boxing involves moving in a dancing rhyme while swivelling your hips and throwing punches at those pads. Dance has since the dawn of time been held at the top of the league as being the best low impact cardio workout for the golden oldies. So I am here to say that boxing has the same level of impact as dancing and thus can be held in the same regard when it comes to benefits for over 50’s. I feel it is about time I put in a selfish plug for my Team Hatton Boxing for fitness class here. It is a new fitness class in Edinburgh and opens to every no matter what age and what level of fitness. As you determine the pace and how much you want to push yourself.

Fitness Classes in Edinburgh

From the first bell to the last round and the first punch I guarantee you that you will be breathing heavily while working your arms, legs, chest, core and shoulders. As you grow older you lose muscle tone, strength and flexibility and this is where boxing for fitness comes in without even trying boxing for fitness reverses this trend by developing full body strength and improving hand-eye coordination plus it is fun hitting stuff. Don’t believe me check out these over 50’s using boxing to stay fit

I think one of the unsung benefits of boxing for fitness that people don’t often see is that boxing has many benefits for your mentality. By attending boxing for fitness classes in Edinburgh it will forces you out of your comfort zone and overcome some irrational fears you might have associated with boxing. Which as we get older I don’t feel we do enough when you add to that nearly all of my fitness classes in Edinburgh are more like small communities it brings a with it a lot of socializing opportunities which again I feel as we get older it is something we turn away from. Anyway back to why boxing is good for your brain, when taking part in boxing for fitness classes it forces you to think strategically as in most boxing for fitness classes your routines and combos will be constantly changing it forces you to be learning something new which has been proving to help keep your brain young. So put down the Sudoku or the Sunday Times crossword, kick off the slippers and dust off those boxing gloves and get down to local boxing for fitness class.

Finally and I know you will probably laugh at this but there is something deeply spiritual about boxing! Let me explain I know it is a sport that has a history of causing devastating injury to people but boxing is very similar to meditation. If you watch some of the best boxers in the world today  you will notice they are almost in trance they seem to be somewhere else and there focus completely on this task in front of them which in essence is very similar to meditation. I assure you that without complete concentration and attention you will not be able to accomplish anything in a boxing for fitness class. When you consider boxing for fitness forces you put away all the daily struggles or that fight with your boss or the sound of the screaming grandkids and focus on what you are doing. You can see how boxing could almost become a religion in the sense of it being something you turn to in times when life is hard. It could even become a mantra “When times are hard put the boxing gloves on and bite down on the mouthpiece and finish the round cause glory is just one ring of the bell away” (P.S That’s mine I didn’t steal that off anyone).

Fitness Classes in Edinburgh

Anyway everyone is welcome to fitness classes in Edinburgh one of which is Team Hatton boxing for fitness.

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