Best Fitness Classes in Morningside Edinburgh

Fitness Classes in Morningside Edinburgh

Happy Thursday one and all we are fast approaching Xmas and before we know it January will be upon and us than the new year…new me chants start! So here is my take on some of the fitness classes in Morningside Edinburgh in no particular order (as they say on I am a celebrity) this is just to peak people interest and help them find a fitness class they like and can stick to.

The first of our Fitness Classes in Morningside Edinburgh is, of course, one of my own. It is Team Hatton Boxing for Fitness. This is a fitness class combines boxing punching combinations with bodyweight exercises to give you HIIT workout that will drastically improve your overall fitness levels and it will also tone muscle and shed fat.  There is no sparring or contact in this class (minus fists hitting pads) so you don’t haft to worry about any black eyes or bloody noses however it does work as a great introduction into boxing as a big difference to other classes (Body combat etc) there is a huge importance placed on proper technique.  So many people have moved from this class to full-fledged boxing gyms. Which brings me to my next point which is as this is a fitness class there is none of the intimidation that potentially comes with going to a boxing gym plus it normally smells better.  If I have peaked your interest you can find my schedule of classes here.

The next one I want to talk about is Zumba with Nadia at the Morningside United Church at 9.30am every Monday. If you find Monday difficult and often need to drag yourself out of bed to get the week started why not get yourself along to this class and take part in this Latin-inspired workout that is closer to a party than a fitness class. I have never been to a Zumba class as I have more Ricky from Eastenders rather than Ricky Martin (Remember him “Livin’ la Vida Loca”)  but from what I hear from people that have taking part it is so addictive. Nadia is so welcoming and really understands it can be difficult for newcomers so you want to start at the back of the class you can but she promises that you will be edging forward in no time. If you want more information you can contact Nadia.

Edinburgh Zumba Mark & Nadia

This is one for the kids if you are looking to get your kids involved in an active lifestyle at a young age get yourself down to Turtle Tots. They have both Baby and Toddler programs that cover a number of different areas including swimming technique, safety skills, floating, individual and group work including songs and games. However, the emphasis remains on learning through having fun! Which is what makes this place great you can see the joy on the kid’s faces when they are taking part in this classes. The class also helps the kids with there social skills and starts developing them from an early which will pay big dividends when they develop into adults. For more information on these simply amazing programs head on over to here.


It would not be a fitness class article without getting a Pilates class in there. If you looking for a great Pilates class in Morningside then head to Jyoti Pilates. This place is one of the best Fitness Classes in Morningside Edinburgh the class size is limited to 12 people per class to ensure everything is getting the proper attention and care which is often not the case in a lot of other pilates classes that often packed with people which does not make for a good teaching environment.  Jyoti started out as a textile designer and then became obsessed with the way people move and this led her to Pilates. If you are looking to improve muscle tone and length then pilates is for you. It is also great for keeping the pains of age that we all get at bay which allows you to do all the other things you love in life with ease and grace.

JS Pilates 0265 black web

Ok, not technically Morningside and closer to the Grassmarket but I wanted to get Dance Base in here due mainly to the sheer range of dance classes they offer. I still think that this counts as one of the best Fitness Classes in Morningside Edinburgh they have everything from ballet to hip hop plus everything in between. The cardiovascular workout you can get from dancing is on par with the likes of running and cycling but with less impact on your joints.

Studio 1

(The view from studio 1 @ Dance Base)

This is just a few of the fitness classes in Morningside Edinburgh if you are looking for any more information on the classes I offer or generally anything related to health and fitness send me an email at

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