What are the benefits of working with an Online Personal Trainer

Essentially an Online Personal Trainer is one that provides the same services as a personal trainer would do in person but via a bespoke smartphone app or website. Whether it is creating a bespoke workout plan or providing nutrition advice to help lose weight or tone up an Online Personal Trainer can help you accomplish this as well with a lot more of added benefits you cant get from an in-person PT session which I have kindly listed here.

Workout when you want

So in today’s hectic 24/7 world, it is near on impossible to keep to a schedule for even the most organised person. Between the kid’s football or swim lessons being cancelled last minute which forces you to cancel the trip, you planned to the dogs deciding to eat a squeaky toy forcing you to cancel that 50-mile cycle you had planned it can make staying on top of your workout and nutrition near impossible. So having to try to coordinate your schedule with your PT’s can be hell. Then not to mention having to travel to a gym half across town in peak time traffic. How does an Online Personal Trainer fix this? Well simply the power is in your pocket as everything is delivered via an app you have your workout with you and a library of video to show you how to do the workout and 24/7 real-time messaging to a qualified PT  mean you can workout when you want not when your PT has free. Also, a lot of the workouts use bodyweight exercises which means they can be done in your living room or in the toilet while you hide from the kids.


The advice a PT can bring to your workout and nutrition can be priceless! And some PT takes full advantage of that and charge a crazy amount per one on one session.  This price suits up the more you want to train and use the services of a PT. However, as there is no requirement for an Online Personal Trainer to be there they can charge a lot less you will often find that an entire month of Online Personal Trainers services is a lot less than a single in-person session.


The average in-person PT session lasts about 60 minutes and with most PT’s their attention is fully on you (let’s not forget there is PT’s that are often tweeting, posting on Instagram or on whatapps while you are paying them to help you). Have you ever walked out the gym or been drinking your protein shake and been like I wish I had asked that or I wonder if he/she meant to do that. But you had no way of asking and had to wait until your next session. Well not with an Online Personal Trainer you will find most Online Personal Trainer apps will provide 24/7 access to a qualified PT that can answer your question whenever they pop into your head.

Access to an expert

The above brings me nicely to my next point everyone is different we all have different needs and wants but you often find with in-person PT you are shoehorned into a system that might not be what you want or need.  With an Online Personal Trainer you get access to an industry-leading expert that might not even be in the same city as you and in fact could be half the world away from you.  You can not get this level of expertise down your local gym as PT’s tend to be a jack of all trades instead of a master of one.

Seeing Results

How much do you trust your PT? Do you remember as far back to what your measurements and weight were when you started working with you PT? I struggle to recall my last meal never mind anything else with an Online Personal Trainer you can see your progress in a number of different datasets which will add to your motivation and only want to make you continue.

Maybe I am biased but providing my client has been exercising for a while and they are looking for just that little bit more they don’t need an in-person session I point them towards the Online Personal Trainer plan I have. If you want more information or want to ask a question you can do so here: https://www.focusmpt.com/contact/


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