What exactly are the benefits of personal training?

Benefits of Personal Training

I think the most asked question towards directed towards any personal trainers is probably “What are the benefits of personal training”? And to be fair if I was about to part with my hard-earned cash I would want the personal trainer to be able to answer this as well. Allow I am quickly becoming known as the “cheap personal trainer Edinburgh” guy, taking on a personal trainer in Edinburgh can be an expensive investment so I decided that it was time to set the record straight and show just exactly what the benefits of personal training are?

Benefits of Personal Training

First and foremost, and I guess the most obvious is that by working with any personal trainer worth there salt you should, in theory, reach your fitness goal quicker. As you are essentially tapping into this Personal Trainers in-depth knowledge of how the body works and what it takes to reach your specific fitness goal. Know we can all Google how to lose weight? (And I did prior to becoming a PT) but the sheer tidal wave of information that will come back will send anybody running for hills. This is where a personal trainer comes in they can wade through this river of sometimes ridiculous suggests and form a plan that works for you helping you reach your end goal quicker.

benefits of personal training

On the back of this, by working with a Personal Trainer you should exceed your overall goal (Which is why I offer a money back guarantee if we don’t exceed your goals) any personal trainer that helps their client only just reach their goal (providing the client is committed of course) should be ashamed, personally I am not in the business of just meeting what is required I am in the business of delivering more than what is expected. I can almost guarantee anyone that does not work with Personal Trainer will be over the moon when they eventually (After 1000’s of fad diets and money wasted on books and equipment) reach their fitness goal and so they should be because you have set your mind to something and accomplished it without the help of anyone but when you realized a Personal Trainer could have got you there quicker and for a lot less money you will be kicking yourself.

benefits of personal training

I think second to being asked, “What are the benefits of personal training”? I get asked how to lose fat and gain muscle? As this seems to be 99% of people’s fitness goals and why not as they see the fitness models on Instagram and want the admiration and sexy feeling that comes with posting one of those pictures and getting responses from it. Know what a lot of people do not realize is this is one of the hardest fitness goals anyone could undertake and it takes a complete lifestyle overhaul to get there. I would happily rather work with someone who said they want to run an ultra-marathon in 30 days before anyone that said they want to get 1 million likes for ab picture on Instagram. Another one of the benefits of personal training is that the personal trainer will have the knowledge and experience to create and adjust the finely tuned program to help you lose fat and gain muscle and have pervert from around the work commenting on a squat post on Instagram in no time.

As a Personal Trainer that specializes in using exercise to reduce back pain, I hear a lot of people saying they have hurt themselves because of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I know it seems like a bit of an oxymoron but it happens and it brings me on to my next benefits of personal training when you work with a Personal Trainer they know when you are ready to push that bit further or when not to push the envelope which will help you avoid injury. As well as nothing will bring a stop to reaching your fitness goal faster than an injury from in proper use and form so by working with a personal trainer you will avoid injury and ensure you stay on the road to victory.

In today’s quite frankly unhealthy living inducing environment it is no surprise that so many people have formed unhealthy habits over a course of a lifetime of it being easier to drive through to a window and have someone hand you processed food than it is to walk to your nearest supermarket (By the way so many interesting articles on how in other European countries walking to pick up food is a big part of their culture and as a result means a healthier lifestyle) then prepare a healthy nutritious meal. This mini-rant brings me on to what I feel is the biggest benefit of personal training this being that a personal trainer will not only help you to reach your fitness goal but they should also help you to lead a healthier lifestyle (I offer weekly healthy eating tips for free) so even after you have finished working with them you continue making the healthy decisions that they have installed into you. A lot of the people I work with are people who had a personal trainer and got they weight they wanted then once they stopped the personal trainer sessions they, unfortunately, started to slack off at the gym and start eating rubbish again. Know don’t get me wrong I love these referrals and so does my bank manager (I say bank manager I mean wife) but it allows me to highlight that another one of the benefits of personal training is that they will help you to make positive lifestyle changes thereby allowing you to make better decisions outside of the gym for the rest of your life.

If you have made it to the end of this article (that is another one of benefits of personal training they give you huge articles to read) as a reward I will keep this one short and sweet. Another benefit of personal training and possibly the reason I hear from my clients the most for working with a personal trainer is to break through those glass ceilings we all hit. We all get to those points in our fitness journey when we go through the same old routine and don’t start to see any results I liken it to those times where you drive to work get out the card and suddenly realize how did I get here. When something becomes so routine you forget what you are doing is the point at which it becomes dangerous in terms of health and fitness you will start to see this bleed into other areas of your life and you will slip into old habits. However, by working with a personal trainer they will ensure that you don’t hit these plateaus and therefore avoid slipping into bad habits.

I hope this has helped you see some of the benefits of personal training can bring and how it can be one of the best investments in your life that you can make. With a personal trainer, you essentially get a counsellor, therapist, lifestyle coach and personal trainer all rolled into one not to mention a friend.  If I can give you anything from this article if your personal trainer does any of these then run!

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