What is it like being a Personal Trainer in Edinburgh

Personal trainer in Edinburgh

Whether I am waiting for my morning coffee and someone sees my business t-shirt then decided to strike up a conversation or at a party, the question I get all the time is ” What is like being a personal trainer in Edinburgh”. My answer quite simply is it is the most rewarding and satisfying job I have ever done and I cannot see myself ever doing anything else.

personal training in edinburgh

Let me explain why I feel this and it is not all to do getting to wear shorts and trainers all day, it’s like being part of a tech startup without all that coding.  One of the main benefits of being a personal trainer in Edinburgh is that cause of the sheer size of Edinburgh with its many well-known universities, tourist attractions and world-renowned festivals  (The Fringe and The Edinburgh Film Festival) it draws people from all walks of life to come and either visit or stay in this beautiful city. What does this mean for being a personal trainer in Edinburgh well the number of different people from different cultures and walks of life means I am constantly meeting fascinating and interesting people which means my passion for being a personal trainer never leaves. It also means my unique and one of kind training system is helping to benefit people around the world.

On a more practical note, Edinburgh is a gold mine for anyone looking to run any kind of fitness class or outdoor Bootcamp which I do both of because it provides some of the most amazing free open spaces to run outdoor classes the likes of the meadows or Leith links.

personal trainer in edinburgh


Another thing about Edinburgh that I always loved especially with being a personal trainer in Edinburgh is that it is almost impossible to fail to get inspired by this city it. At every turn, there is a history of overcoming adversity, being prepared to fight for want to achieve. It is also a city with a past of humans pushing beyond what they have been told is possible.  All these things are important to me as a person and even more so as a personal trainer I am not happy with my clients just scraping over their line with their end goal I want them so far past the end goal line that they can even see it anymore. If you want to add 10 Kg to your deadlift and by the end of training with me if you have only just achieved I will give you the next months session free of charge and a 15% refund on what you paid for your previous month’s sessions. That’s how dedicated and committed I am to my clients that I willing to do this.

Personal trainer in Edinburgh

If you are reading this and saying he sounds like a great guy that enjoys what he does I want to work with him to achieve my fitness goals then, please check out my contact page and get in contact.


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