Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Personal Trainer Edinburgh

I understand that there is nothing more important in this world than someone’s time. So I offer both one on one personal training packages and group personal training packages that mean you get the same level of knowledge and attention at a lower cost.  All my one on one and group sessions are designed to get the most out of them in the shortest timeframe which is why all my programs are bespoke to the situation. I also have an online personal training package that is excellent for those that already workout land want that bit extra motivation. At a fraction of the cost of an in-person PT session.
Weight Loss Specialist Edinburgh

Female Weight Loss Specialist

I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine qualified Weight Loss Specialist that can work with people to create custom fitness and nutrition programs that will help them lose weight and change their lives one day at a time. I will work with you to master the secrets of diet, exercise and psychology to help you take off and keep off the weight. All of my weight loss programs can be delivered online via my custom designed app or in person if you are local to Edinburgh via personal trainer Edinburgh system. Let’s re-energise your life and body today.
Exercise Referral Specialist

Back Pain Specialist

It is a well-known fact that nothing will kill a fitness program quicker than boredom. This is why I run a host of Fitness Classes in Edinburgh one of which includes Team Hatton Boxing for Fitness. I am continually looking to add new classes that I offer to my clients across Edinburgh. Every 10th fitness classes Edinburgh attended is free, and on top of that, every 20th fitness class entitles you to free 30 minutes of personal training that can be redeemed whenever you see fit.


Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advice

A tailored workout and diet plan delivered to you via our app at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Significantly cheaper than an in-person session.
  • Access to our bespoke app containing exercise videos & nutrition/progress tracker.
  • 24/7 contact with your PT any time of the day or night.

One on One Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Dedicated one on one personal training session focused on achieving your goals.

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  • Bespoke training plan and nutrition plan.
  • Focused on your goals and ambitions.
  • Held at a location convenient to you.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee
  • Focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Tailored to your schedule.

Group Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Split the cost of a personal trainer session and get the same level of attention.

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  • More participants equal a reduced cost.
  • Same level of attention and experience as you get with 1 on 1 session.
  • Held at a location convenient to you.
  • 90-day money back guarantees no questions asked.

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